Feature in Jazztime on BRF1 (Belgian Radio)

Read more...Listen to this feature in Belgian National Radio on both albums/groups; Ternion Quartet and Round Trip:  http://1.brf.be/sendungen/jazztime/966918/


Round Trip review - Jay Harvey Upstage

Read more..."Good music continues to come from the fertile mind of Danish bassist Anne Mette Iversen, American-trained and now living in Berlin" - Jay Harvey Upstage. Link to the full review here

First reviews rolling in


Ternion Quartet got 6 stars (=phenomenal) in www.er-em-online.de

For the German readers: ...lebendige und virtuose Musik, die zum Zuhören und Aufhorchen zwingt. Besonders spannend: Die musikalischen Dialoge zwischen Posaune und Saxofon, die sich nicht
nur unterhalten, sondern engagiert diskutieren, streiten und wieder versöhnen. Auch die solistischen Ausflüge jedes einzelnen – auch von Drummer Roland Schneider - sind erste Sahne.


Ternion Quartet

 Read more...Release concert Thursday April 6th 8pm @Sowieso, Berlin

Two! new albums on the way

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'Round Trip' and 'Ternion Quartet' - my two upcoming albums are availabel for pre-order. On iTunes and on Bandcamp. Follow the links to secure your copy.

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Round Trip: Anne Mette Iversen Quartet +1

Ternion Quartet: Anne Mette Iversen's Ternion Quartet

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Ternion Quartet in January


Geoffroy De Masure, member of Ternion Quartet, who will be performing this Saturday @ Jazzfest Neukölln, 10PM. Get the details under the LIVE tab.




NBB & AMI - 2016 and ahead

Read more...  Photo: Staffan Nygren

I'd like to extend a big thank you to all the fantastic musicians and the wonderful staff in and around Norrbotten Big Band for a great year working with them as Composer in Residence. It was fruitful, fun, exciting, productive, challenging at times for all of us, and it brought many new relations professional and personal that I hope we can continue into the future. We are setting up new concerts for July 2017 in Denmark, Sweden adn Germany; stay tuned to find out where we will be. 




Composer in Residence Concert w/Norrbotten Big Band

Buy tickets here and read more here

The weekend of Nov 12 & 13 I am concluding my year as 'Composer in Residence' for Norrbotten Big Band with a concert and live recording by Swedish Radio in Luleå (Nov 12 7pm) and an additional recording of the music on Nov 13. It has been a really great experience working with the band and composing the music; music that has been tailored directly for Norrbotten Big Band, utilizing the exsisting strengths of the band, but also attempting to push them into new challenges.   


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