The new Double Life recording

It's shaping up, the new Double Life recording. The music, the logistics, the gigs, the studio, etc. It's a nice feeling and I am looking forward!  Ok, maybe the money is haning a little, but when are they not!, and that never stops me...

We are playing a very special concert in Copenhagen, on Sept 27th, so check back in for more info on that soon. 


New York




I came back a few days ago, from a great trip to NYC. It was all about music, 200%, - a luxury that is not my everyday treat, given my two little turbo-sons! :-)   

I played a really fun concert with my quartet at An Die Musik in Baltimore, with John Ellis, Otis Brown III and Dan Tepfer. If NYC wasn't like coming home (underline the 'if') then this night was. When great musicians perform my music with such expression, richness and generosity, then I feel more at home than anywhere in the world. Thanks guys!

The BJU Ensemble then rehearsed a number of times. Unfortunately our gig on Sunday before the recording was cancelled, as the basement at Sycamore, where the weekly BJU concert series has been running for some years, has been shut down for music. We then went into the Bunker Studio on Wednesday June 12, to record a new collective album, and my feeling is this is something to look forward to. The recording went well and everyone's music - we each contributed with one 'normal' tune and one 'short' tune - was really greatly written and fit to the band. 

Then I also took care of some music business which I can tell you more about later. But for now, a nice week of great fun and great to see a lot of friends again. 


BJU records again!

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground Ensemble is getting ready to record the follow-up album to last years success 'A Portrait of Brooklyn'. Our prep-performance this coming Sunday, June 9, at Sycamore might be moved due to a water-damage at the venue, so stay tuned for updates on the location. And I am looking forward to both the music and to record at the new Bunker Studios, which I expect to be an excellent experience:)


AMI QUARTET this Saturday June 8



After a fun gig this past Saturday with my quartet, we are making a hit in Baltimore, at An Die Musik, on Saturday June 8. With me is John Ellis - sax, Otis Brown - drums, and Dan Tepfer sitting in for Danny Grissett on piano. Really looking forward to this one!

BJU Festival starting tonight





Tonight and tomorrow, Wednesday 29th and Thursdat May 30th, the BJU Festival returns to Smalls Jazzclub, NYC.

I'm not playing this year, but please do check the other guys out!

I'll be in NYC next week though, and the BJU Enseble plays at Sycamore in Brooklyn on June 9th. 


AMI Quartet, June 1

Looking forward to a very special appearance on June 1st with my quartet, in Denmark. More info on the Live Page.  And watch out as we might make a hit in Berlin in the days just before!

Read more... 

Double Life

After 5 years of existence I finally named my collaboration with the string quartet 4Corners and Anne Mette Iversen Quartet!  And our Best of the West album is soon to be followed by a new recording. This time though, we'll be the Double Life group plus trombonist Peter Dahlgren. And I am very much looking forward to this musical meeting, and what comes out of it. I have been writing a bit of new music - more is yet to come, and I am excited!   The Double Life group comes alive again. Read more...

BJU to record new album

The Brooklyn Jazz Underground Ensemble is scheduled to record a new ensemble album in the middle of June, 2013. Following the highly succesful 'A Portrait of Brooklyn' we are excited to record new compositions by, and with, all of the new members of BJU. 

This is the team you'll be hearing from; left to right:

Anne Mette Iversen, David Smith, Adam Kolker, Rob Garcia, Owen Howard, Tammy Scheffer & David Cook 




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