New Album: So Many Roads

Double Life So Many Roads cover

Now it is here - almost!

My new album So Many Roads, which we recorded with Double Life in the fall, is released online next week, February 18, and the physical street date is April 8. 

So Many Roads was, and is, a real journey! It is one long composition from beginning to end, although the printed copies will have 6 indexed tracks, for the listener to orientate between. 

I am really excited to get this music out. It is not a follow-up to Best of the West, it is it's totally own. The music grew out of my life, it does not have any philosophical idea behind it or theme to it, it is a description of real human experience(s), or a transformation of the same.

Check it out on the MUSIC page under Double Life, and pre-order a CD to secure your copy if you are curios.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

Anne Mette 


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