Double Life Recording

DoubleLifeSmallIt must be time, now, to tell you a little bit about the recent recording with Double Life. We, AMI Quartet, or should I say AMI quintet as we had the great pleasure of playing with trombonist Peter Dahlgren join us for this project, plus the string quartet 4Corners; spent 6 days together, in Copenhagen, DK, to rehearse and record  the new piece of music I have been writing on, - in selected periods -, over the last 4 years. It was really great fun, and we all enjoy each others musical company, and friendship, so much, that how could it not be fun!  And I am simply just thrilled to have these 8 excellent musicians performing my music!!! The warmth, the richness, the playfulness, the depth, the energy, and so on....they put it all into the music, and make it live. 

Now, a few weeks later, I am listening to the takes from the studio. First of all: they sound good! And second: it sounds like it will be easy to select and mix this album, which is great and meaning we probably can expect to release by February 2014. 

We also played a couple of quintet concerts while we were there. One in Copenhagen, at a sweet new venue: Amagerbro Jazz and one in Helsingborg, produced by the society Jazz i Helsingborg. Those too were great, and really fun. Peter and his trombone is a great addition to my quartet music as well. I might have to consider putting out a quintet album also!  

Stay tunes here - I will give you opdates as we go along. And maybe I can even find some good pics for you. Until then, Anne Mette


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