From "Best of the West" to "So Many Roads"

"So Many Roads" was released by Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records in April, 2014.  The album has received great reviews world wide, and is on three 'Best of 2014' list:

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"Danish bassist Anne Mette Iversen is now based in Berlin, though her leading role in the Brooklyn Jazz Underground has had a huge impact on the New York scene. Her Double Life ensemble combines jazz quintet and string quartet with extraordinary results: Just behold the profusion of harmonic color and naturally flowing swing on the group's second release, So Many Roads. The album says a lot in just under 37 minutes." - David R. Adler, The Village Voice


From the Press Release, Red Cat Publicity:

"So Many Roads was composed specifically for Iversen's group Double Life. The music is quite unique in that it utilizes a one-movement compositional form, and boasts an exquisite balance of integration and interaction between the string group and the jazz group.  Take note of the musicians’ excellent blend, and exchange of ideas and emotions.

The music on So Many Roads has the ability to conjure up and provoke emotions, feelings and vivid images.  In a word, it is picturesque.  Good art transforms within the listener, viewer or reader, to become a deeply personal experience and bring them on a journey as well. 

So Many Roads started out with the idea of being a journey through a mythological world, an imaginary description of travel and related experiences, but it ended up being so closely connected to my own personal life and actually describing a very special period and special experience of my life instead.  One could say that a journey, as a theme, has been a part of Iversen's music all along, but So Many Roads became both a premonition and a resolution to 57 months of her own life instead of some fantasy world.  During the protracted period of creating this album, the subject matter quickly changed from the imaginary to reality!" 

DOUBLE LIFE - on So Many Roads:

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In 2008 Ms. Iversen and Double Life released the 'jazz-symphony' "Best of the West" in 4 movements: East, South, West and North. This music expresses a variety in feeling and emotion that bring into attention the multifaceted world we live in; one which requires open-mindedness and a focus on communication between cultures as a central ingredient in our lives.

This theme is underlined in the music particularly in that the string-quartet and the jazz-quartet maintain their identity and individuality throughout the piece. Unlike most meetings of jazz and classical music, where one style performs a subservient role, or both styles are diluted beyond recognition, "Best of the West" manages to present each group and style at it's most compelling, while illustrating the beauty of the interactive process and the mutual support.

"Best of the West" was featured on A Blog Supreme / NPR Jazz as part of the article "5 Great Works Of Modern Chamber Jazz" - alongside such amazing musicians and composers as Wayne Shorter, Brad Mehldau, Chico Hamilton and Dave Douglas.

The movement "West (Menuet)" was selected Song of the Day on NPR Music, in May 2008: 

"Few other arrangers can deter schmaltz when putting strings to swing. And even fewer possess her sense for dulcet harmonies and exquisitely developed form — the patient listener is rewarded with a probing, big-R Romantic, strings-only cadenza at the end. Rarer still is the mind that could put it all together in a way that proclaims itself as the work of an improvising musician. Beauty may be hard to find in jazz, but as Iversen proves, that doesn't mean it's dormant in familiar elements, waiting to be expressed."                                                                                 - Patrick Jarenwattananon, NPR Music

DOUBLE LIFE - the Best of the West team:

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